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Bolter Pistol Commission!

So I got a commission from a friend asking me to make him a Bolter Pistol from the Warhammer 40K Universe. I first set about finding a good reference image to work from. I don't actually know that much about Warhammer, but what I did find out is that there are a lot of different variants of the same gun.

The CAD process on this build was a fairly quick one, about 2-3 hours max and I had my 3d model.

The 3D printing process however was not! Warhammer have a habit of having excessively big guns as part of their styling, this being a pistol was no exception. The total length of the gun is 30cm, I modeled the gun to fire a 63 cal "bullet" and altered the design slightly so the ammunition can be seen from the side (Just adds to the coolness).

The size of the gun was an issue with the printing process due to the sheer size, I overcame this by slicing up the main body into 4 parts. Even sliced into smaller parts, each one took roughly 13hours to print, another thing to add is that I made the model hollow. Reason 1 is to save on material and Reason 2 is to save the users arms when walking about ComicCon all day long. I know from experience how tiring it can be to hold a heavy prop all day, especially when people want photos of you.

The stage I am at now is the Painting stage, I will be updating the website gallery with photos of the finished prop soon! Here is a little teaser until then!

Thanks for reading and take care! =]