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Day of Painting Props

Spent today trying to finish some outstanding projects. Pictured above is the Bolter Pistol that I mentioned in my last Blog, today I managed to finish and weather it to give it a "Beat up" look.

Also in the works is my Alien Pulse Rifle, pictured above. The pulse rifle here only has its base colours and hasn't been weathered yet. This is the first time I have used my brand new "cheap" Air Brush kit. I wanted to see the difference with an air brush finish compared to a spray can and i can honestly say that I will be sticking with the airbrush. Yes OK, it's a bit more fiddly by the end result and quality is worth it.

So the next job for me now is to finish off the Pulse Rifle, once that is done, I am going to start on my next client job which is another Warhammer Build. I look forward to those ones because they are quite fun to build and everything is blocky :P

Until next time!

N :]