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Back to Costume making!

Chris & Myself as The Witch King & Sauron

Yup! I'm back to making costumes! Last time I made one was about 2-3 Years ago with my Sauron Armour!. At the time, I chose it because I wanted to make something that was ambitious, and something that not many people had done previously.

It turned out to be a huge success! I went to London MCM of 2014 and to say the least, we didn't really see much of the Con because we were constantly swamped by people wanting photos :P

Since I uploaded my Sauron Armour Templates onto my FaceBook Page, there are now many Saurons out there, with each person taking the project on in different ways! It's really cool to see what people make using your templates!.

Back to the present now, my latest project is no less ambitious as Sauron! On one side of the argument, I have the templates already at my finger tips (no guess work like with Sauron), but the other side then is the size of the armour I am now attempting to make....

The image above is a model of the new range of Space Marine Reiver models for the popular table top game Warhammer 40K. This is what I am attempting to make, a 7ft tall, build like a brick shit house warrior/killing machine.

The templates I mentioned having earlier are from the original build of Space Marine, pictured below. As you can probably tell, there are some differences, but not too much where the templates are unusable. My plan is to customise/alter some of the templates to fit the new design. (Also the skull Helmet on the new ones is freaking cool)

So where am I at so far???