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I've been busy!

It's been a while since my last post so I thought i'd fill you in on what i have been up to!

1. My Space Marine Costume

2. My Weapon for my Space Marine Costume

3. A Weapon Prop for my friends Cosplay

Lets start from the top!

My Space Marine Build

So in the last Blog post I mentioned that I was getting back into costume making and that I was going to/Starting to make a suit of Space Marine power armour from the Warhammer 40k Universe.

Today I thought I'd share some photos of my progress!

I am currently working on fixing all of the different parts together to make a complete suit :P

The face plate that I am using (on the Left) is Death's Mask from Darksiders.

I edited the file on Fusion 360 to suit the shape that I wanted then 3D printed it on my Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printer.

There is still a way yet to go on the Space Marine build though! Once all of the parts fit together and I have done some test runs in walking, i then have to decide on a colour Scheme!

2. My Weapon Prop for the Space Marine Build.

The 2nd project that I have been working on is the Heavy Bolter variant for my Space Marine Build.

Very similar to the Bolter Pistol, I edited the based form and also added to the existing model. I also added my insignia to the back of the pistol just because :P

Here's some photos of the CAD and 3D print!

The parts of the gun are stuck together using Acetone. The parts are printed in ABS so the acetone melts the ABS and bonds really well (Also saves on buying glue) (and time as the acetone sets almost instantly!!)

As a last minute decision, I added an Aquila to both sides of the gun, I think it really sets it off!

And here is the shot of my insignia on the back of the gun! :)

Really happy with this build, I think I have said it before but I do really enjoy building these Warhammer props, don't know why? Must be the over sized weapons and armour........

3. Weapon Prop for my Friends Cosplay

The 3rd project that I have been working on is a Death Korp of Kreig Rifle. My friends and I are attending MCM London Comic Con this year and he wants to go as a trooper from the Death Korp!

I said I'd make him the rifle, for this build I am trying something a bit different.

With most of my gun prop builds these days, I mainly use my Printer and just CAD up the gun and print. For this build I will be using wood in the construction.

Here are some photos of my progress so far!

It should be fairly obvious what parts are going to be made from wood just by looking at the CAD render of the model I made in Fusion 360.

Aside from the stock and barrel handle, the other parts that will be wood are going to be the two barrels to save on print


Sorry for the poor picture, the image on the left shows the main body of the rifle is complete, the engineering drawing underneath shows how much left there is to do :P

Here (Left) you can see the wooden barrel taking shape, I have also printed the pipe bit towards the main body and the barrel end.


So that is it so far! My next few jobs are finishing up the Space Marine suit, my Bolter and friends gun and painting them all up! I can't wait to see it all come together in October!

On another note, if you see us a MCM London Comic Con on the Saturday don't be afraid to say hi! and have a photo of course :P

Thanks again!!


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