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The Eversor Commission

My first Blog of the new year and so far its been busy!

I have had numerous projects to do since the start of the year but this post will focus on two props in particular.

As the title suggests these are Eversor Assassin related! For those of you who don't know anything about Eversor assassins, they are Bat Shit crazy assassins trained (Made) by the Imperium of Man from the Warhammer 40k Universe. They utilise Executioner Pistol which is a standard bolt pistol modified with a lethal injector needle attached to the underneath of the barrel.

Their other piece of war gear is the fearsome Neuro Gauntlet which also administers lethal doses of toxic chemicals into the hosts body, killing them very...very... slowly....


So I got the job to design and build both the Executioner Pistol and Neuro Gauntlet by Bearedcyborgcosplay aka Edward Corby! Here is the link to his Instagram so you can see the making process for his Eversor Assassin Cosplay build:

So to start the build I went straight to the main source of Warhammer 40k reference images and lore of the internet - The Lexicanum -

From here I got the reference image for my first project - The Executioner Pistol.

From this image and a few looks at the model produced by Games Workshop I was able to get a rough size of the gun and set to work modelling the prop on Autodesk Fusion 360.

This is the end result of the CAD modelling. I made the needle part removable so the user can insert LEDs inside if they wanted to.

After I had made the CAD model it was then time to start printing the prop out! I use a Flashforge Creator Pro (2015) to print everything I make, the materials used were 1.75mm RigidInk ABS and 1.75mm Green Transparent T-Glase by Taulmen 3D.

My settings for the printer are:

ABS = 270'c Nozzle and 90'c Bed

T-Glase 260'c Nozzle and 90'c Bed at 50% Speed