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The Eversor Commission

My first Blog of the new year and so far its been busy!

I have had numerous projects to do since the start of the year but this post will focus on two props in particular.

As the title suggests these are Eversor Assassin related! For those of you who don't know anything about Eversor assassins, they are Bat Shit crazy assassins trained (Made) by the Imperium of Man from the Warhammer 40k Universe. They utilise Executioner Pistol which is a standard bolt pistol modified with a lethal injector needle attached to the underneath of the barrel.

Their other piece of war gear is the fearsome Neuro Gauntlet which also administers lethal doses of toxic chemicals into the hosts body, killing them very...very... slowly....


So I got the job to design and build both the Executioner Pistol and Neuro Gauntlet by Bearedcyborgcosplay aka Edward Corby! Here is the link to his Instagram so you can see the making process for his Eversor Assassin Cosplay build:

So to start the build I went straight to the main source of Warhammer 40k reference images and lore of the internet - The Lexicanum -

From here I got the reference image for my first project - The Executioner Pistol.

From this image and a few looks at the model produced by Games Workshop I was able to get a rough size of the gun and set to work modelling the prop on Autodesk Fusion 360.

This is the end result of the CAD modelling. I made the needle part removable so the user can insert LEDs inside if they wanted to.

After I had made the CAD model it was then time to start printing the prop out! I use a Flashforge Creator Pro (2015) to print everything I make, the materials used were 1.75mm RigidInk ABS and 1.75mm Green Transparent T-Glase by Taulmen 3D.

My settings for the printer are:

ABS = 270'c Nozzle and 90'c Bed

T-Glase 260'c Nozzle and 90'c Bed at 50% Speed

Here are a few images of the 3D printing progress!

I usually only use Black but I had a spool of light grey to use up! The reason for this is when it comes to priming the part, its hard to tell whats been primed due to the primer I use being the same colour as the part.

I also has some low power LEDS (Christmas Decor) so I decided to test the glow out! (Sorry for the poor image)

Next came the Painting Stage! Not too much to say here, the majority of the piece was black and silver, I masked off the areas and airbrushed the areas I wanted black and then hand painted the silver and gold.

After the paint had dried I could then glue in the T-Glase Tube into place! I gave the whole piece a quick "Scruff Up" to make it look worn and used. The piece is now complete! Here are a few photos of the finished prop:


Next is the Neuro Gauntlet!

(Image from Lexicanum)

Now we come to the Neuro Gauntlet, My most complicated build so far! To start this project I needed to know what I was designing the Claw to be used for Etc did the client want the claw to be attached to a glove or did he want it separate? We decided on the latter!

The CAD design for this project took about a month, I made some progress then I went back and remodelled it. I probably went through about 8 versions until I and most importantly the client was happy!

Here are the finished CAD renders:

Even though the model was done,

during the making process the design altered once more!

This is fairly common in the design process, especially when working with a computer model, when things get translated into real life, some elements just don't work...

In this case it was the knuckle parts located just past the knuckles/hand-plate.

We decided to remove them as they restricted moved in the fingers too much.

To connect the parts, I used flexible tubing that I found on Ebay. This held everything together but also added to the aesthetic of the piece, the tubing running from the bracer all the way to the finger tips.

The image to the right shows how the tubing will work also note the now redundant finger pieces ------>

To attached the Bracer and Hand-Plate to the users arm I stitched on velcro straps. I stitched the straps rather than glued them just so they would be that bit more resistant to wear and tear ( I haven't found a glue that works all that well with velcro)

The painting process for this prop was also fairly straight forward as all of the parts were dark silver apart from the T-Glase tubes and flexile tubing.

Now that I had all of the parts for the Gauntlet, I could now assemble the piece.

Here are the photos of the process:

The most notable elements of this build include, the backs of the T-glase tubes are removable to include LEDs and the wrist piece opens and closes with a magnetic clasp.


Here are the final shots of the Neuro Gauntlet!


Thanks for reading! Sorry it was long one but I thought i'd put these together!

For more updates on new things i'm making check out my Facebook and Instagram!

Cheers again! =D


(Bonus Picture)

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